shoe is not impressed.

o ajigen, how shoe hates thee! let shoe count the ways...

first spoonful tasted like peanut butter - BAD
pipin' hot bowl scalded shoe's tongue - BAD
useless slab of grey chashew fuckin' up the works - BAD
waay too much wakame and moyashi, watery bullshit - BAD
those fuckin' onions! - BAD
cheek by jowl wit ugly salarymen - BAD


stank breaf

shoe is on the lam for capital murrder fellas. the massive overload of garlick n onions in the 'special' bowl o tonkotsu at tobe created some sortof lethal fumes that shoe unwittingly slayed a couple of coffee shop attendants with. they won't take shoe alive!

shoe has unearthed another cache of ramen joints in the meguro. friday fun! stay tuned, puppies..


shoe was just wanderin' in senkawa, not up ta much, an was actually looking to get a feed of chinese food in, when he stumbled into this joint. seeing as they featured ramen prominently in the menu, shoe thought why the hell not, eh. just yer box-standard shoyuu with some plumpy wonton, not even worth a real review...

an here's the shio version ..

the cool thing is shoe's got the camera settings on the ramen-fone proper set out like, which should put an end to those blurry masterpieces ya see below...

done like dinner

well, thats all she wrote for the shinatatsu. shoe polished off the last joint, higomons. a decent bowl that deserves better than to be sittin' next to monster-lineup-havin' nantsu. actually, a bowl like this should be siphoning off a bunch of those wieners waiting in line at the other place, but who's to get in the way of they japanese and their unhealthy obsession for queuing.

now, to the bowl. there was this real cool double soup thingy rockin', an you may be able to see it iffn you squint hard at the piccy there. anyhoo, it actually had two distinct flavors, an shoe issnt quite sure if that was intentional or what the fuck was goin' on. tonkotsu to the core, heavy on the garlick, higomons is. now, the real draw of higomons is their great big-ole chunks o' porky goodness. damn, they fill the bill. just like good ole jangara down there, but even softer, if that's possible. they just fell apart in poor 'ole shoe's chopsticks, wigglin' n exuding sweet meaty goodness.

one thing shoe has to take higomons to task for is the lazy slabs of raw-ish cabbage spread all over the bowl. why? this only served to create serious disturbances in the flow of traffic down shoe's gob, an' didn't add (or distract) from the flavors in any appreciable way... ah well, a solid bowl it was tho'.

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